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CRSMC – Self-Insurers Fund is the oldest workers' compensation group funded in the Carolinas and could be saving you money!

Group membership approval is contingent on the following:

  • Approval of membership in the Carolinas Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association, Inc.

  • Completion of the applications (competitor and credit references are importantt)

  • A favorable Loss Control Survey

  • Anticipated payroll by class code in order to produce proposal

  • Three (3) years in business with prior Worker’s compensation coverage information

  • A minimum net worth of $25,000 (required of the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission)

  • A minimum annual premium of $15,000

Annual premiums are payable monthly through self audi with 1/6 of the estimated annual premium placed in an escrow deposit at inception.

To request a quote or for specific workers compensation questions, please contact Cindy Shumpert at the Assured Partners NL at (800) 845-3163 or [email protected]


Alan Austin, Mt. Vista Capital, Inc., Executive Committee
Sammy Spann, Jr., Spann Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc., Chairman
Ron Shafer, R.K. Hydro-Vac, Inc., Vice-Chairman
Will Funderburk, Murr-Laney, Inc., Secretary
Rick O'Connor, Watts & Associates, Inc., Treasurer

David Brashear, Johnson's Roofing Services, Inc., Trustee
Julie Hughes, Rike Roofing Services, Trustee
Eddie Lloyd, Lloyd Roofing Company, Inc., Trustee
Glen Mosser, Jr., Space Metal Fabricators, Inc., Trustee
James Pickard, Pickard Roofing Company, Trustee
Roddy Piper, Jr. J.A. Piper Roofing Company, Inc., Trustee


A & N Residential Roofing, LLC Achelpohl Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.
A & N Roofing, Inc. Baker Roofing Company, Inc.
Affordable Roofing Company, Inc. C.E. Bourne & Company, Inc.
K.W. Arthur & Sons, Inc. Coastal Roofing Co., Inc.
Ballard Roofing, Inc. Johnson's Roofing Service, Inc.
Barger-Ashe Roofing Company Lloyd Roofing Company, Inc.
R.E. Bengel Sheet Metal Company Nobles Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.
Bowman Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. Palmetto State Roofing & S/M Co, Inc.
Carroll Roofing Company, Inc. Pickens Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.
Carver's Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc. Pickens Roofing, Inc.
Coleman Roofing, Inc. Picquet Roofing, Inc.
Graham Roofing, Inc. J.A. Piper Roofing Company, Inc.
Grieme Roofing Company, Inc. Rike Roofing Service, Inc.
E.L. Hawks, Inc. Southern Roofing Services, Inc.
R.K. Hydro-Vac, Inc. Space Metal Fabricators, Inc.
Murr-Laney, Inc. Spann Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.
Oglesby Contracting, Inc. Specialized Roofing & Insulation, Inc.
Pickard Roofing Company, Inc. Watts & Associates Roofing, Inc.
Piedmont Commercial Roofing, Inc.  
Quality Roofers & Guttering, Inc.  
Service One, Inc.  
Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Co.  
Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. of Raleigh  
Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. of Wilmington  
Union Roofing, Inc.  
Wallace Sheet Metal & Roofing Co., Inc.  
Wayne Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Inc.  
Weathergard, Inc.